8 phases in women's lives

8 Phases in Women’s Lives

We, the founders of Sisko, were surprised to find out how many different phases the bodies of women and people with vulvas go through during their lives. Having experienced many of these phases, we often realised only afterwards how little knowledge we had of what had happened in our bodies.

The 8 phases in the lives of women and other people with vulvas

  1. puberty and the start of menstruation
  2. youth, when there is no desire to get pregnant
  3. fertility phase, which is also associated with infertility in up to 1/5 people
  4. pregnancy
  5. childbirth and postpartum recovery
  6. perimenopause
  7. menopause, which means the end of menstruation
  8. postmenopause, which is the time after the end of menstruation

Of course not everyone goes through fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. In addition to these eight phases in women’s lives, many of us experience the changes caused by the menstrual cycle every month. Changes in hormones, mind and body are constantly taking place.

What about men’s life phases?

Men or other people with a penis also experience puberty and the changes it brings. After this, hormone levels remain fairly steady until they slowly start to decline in middle age. This change is more gradual, so there is no phase in men’s lives that could be compared to menopause.

It is no wonder that women and people with vulvas can sometimes feel confused. Changes are often not talked about until we are in the midst of experiencing them. This can cause anxiety and fear.

Sisko’s Mission

We at Sisko want to offer women and other people with vulvas more information about these eight phases and the changes they bring. It is important to us that you learn to understand your own body better.

With the help of information and knowledge, we want you to feel better and more empowered. You should know how to seek help when needed and lose any fear you may have of future changes. We hope that armed with more information, you will be more aware what to expect during these up to eight different phases in your life.

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