Meet the team

Kia Lampi

34, gynaecologist, mother of two girls

Known for: working as a gynaecologist in Sweden and Finland. Working night shifts in the delivery unit ready to take lifesaving decisions in minutes. Talking about taboos in her Instagram and empowering women with knowledge on their bodies.

Not known for: skipping school days as a teen because of heavy and painful periods.

Most important about Sisko: sharing information to people with vulvas so they could enter the next stage in life with knowlegde how their bodies will change.

Millie Degni Sisko co-founder

Millie Degni

33, marketing strategist, diversity and inclusion lead

Known for: being a strategic and creative thinker & doer, social media expert, diversity and inclusion leader, a lover of food and traveling, a loving daughter.

Not known for: sitting and sleeping at home on a towel whenever has her period, feeling unprepared and uninterested in having kids yet while also stressing about time running out, having an autoimmune disease that increases risk of miscarriage.

Most important about Sisko: my biggest hope is for women and other people with vulvas to get more knowledge about their body and its changes, to have control of their bodies and to demand the care and treatments they deserve.

Laura Halonen

45, attorney, entrepreneur and mum to a mini-feminist

Known for: managing teams in some of the biggest investment disputes in the world and skating the Berlin marathon almost every year

Not known for: six miscarriages without any idea as to why those happened

Most important about Sisko: Shredding the shame that still holds so many awesome women and other people with vulvas back.

Maisa Korhonen Sisko cofounder

Maisa Korhonen

45, marketing & sales, mother of 2 children and 1 puppy

Known for: brand growth and marketing strategies and execution in 76 markets around the world. +15 years experience from several management teams.

Not known for: suffers from one of the main symptoms of perimenopause: heavy periods (and anemia most likely caused by these) therefore clears her calendar from all activities during periods. Did not get a single stitch from giving birth for her biggest +4,5kg child, yet went through a major operation to fix diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and umbilical hernia. Still wonders if that could have been prevented with better postpartum care.

Most important about Sisko: My wish is that at least one younger woman gets information about the different phases of women’s lifecycle when I would have needed that.