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The services we offer in Finnish:

  1. Know your cycle and detect perimenopause symptoms 19€/month. Monitoring and analysis of your menstrual cycle and identification of perimenopausal symptoms. Weekly messages and questions about different menstrual cycle sensations and symptoms, including perimenopause symptoms. By observing your own body, you will start to feel better.
  2. Hormonal cycle and perimenopause with additional services 29€/month. In addition to monitoring your cycle and identifying your perimenopausal symptoms, you will receive a monthly personalised report on your cycle and its symptoms, as well as your own perimenopausal symptoms. Every week, the possibility to ask Sisko’s medical expert questions by sending a message and get these answered in Sisko’s Q&A column. You’ll also get peer support, as you’ll see other people’s questions and answers.
  3. Hormonal cycle and perimenopause with all services 59€/month. In addition to cycle monitoring, perimenopause identification, monthly report and Q&As, a peer support event and a 10-minute phone call every month with Sisko’s medical expert Kia.

We are working hard to be able to offer these as soon as possible in English too. Stay tuned!